Sig P365x Vs P365xl: The Difference Between The Two Pistols

The SIG P365X and the P365XL are two of the hottest handguns on the market. They are both great choices for those who want a reliable, compact pistol for concealed carry. But what is the difference between them? Are there any major differences that make one better than the other? In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the SIG P365X vs P365XL debate to help you decide which handgun is right for you.

The SIG P series has long been known as one of the most reliable and popular handguns on the market. The P365X and P365XL offer even more features, with their ultra-compact size and superior accuracy. These pistols have become incredibly popular among shooters looking for a reliable and concealable handgun.

But how do they differ? We’ll compare their features side by side to help you decide which one is right for your needs. From size to accuracy, we’ll cover all of the important differences between these two handguns so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your next handgun.

Overview Of Sig P365x And P365xl

Two pistols by Sig Sauer, the P365X and the P365XL, have become increasingly popular. Both guns offer excellent performance, reliability, and accuracy. But they do differ in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at the overview of both models.

The P365X is a 9mm striker-fired pistol that features an XSeries P365 grip module with extended beavertail and integrated carry magwell. It also has an optics-ready slide, XRay3 day/night sights, a 12-round magazine, and an overall length of 5.8 inches.

The P365XL is similar to the X model but with some added features. It features a 3.7-inch barrel for improved accuracy and velocity as well as improved ergonomics from its longer grip frame with extended beavertail and higher capacity magazines (15/12 rounds). The overall length of this model is 6.6 inches and it weighs 22 ounces when loaded with 15 rounds in the magazine.

Both pistols are highly functional and reliable handguns with good accuracy potentials. Now let’s examine their design and ergonomics further to see what makes them stand out from other firearms on the market today.

Design And Ergonomics Of The Pistols

Like two peas in a pod, Sig Sauer’s P365X and P365XL are strikingly similar. But upon closer inspection, one can see how these two pistols diverge in terms of design and ergonomics. Like a ticking time bomb, let’s explore the differences between them.

To start with, the P365X is more compact than its larger counterpart. Its small frame makes it an ideal choice for casual range shooting or concealed carry. It also features an X-Series grip module with an extended beavertail that creates a high and tight grip to help reduce felt recoil. Additionally, both models come with a flat trigger shoe that provides a consistent trigger pull and improved reset control.

The XL version of the gun has some distinct advantages as well. It has a longer slide which allows for more rounds to be loaded into the magazine for increased firepower. In addition to this, the grip module is slightly thicker than the X model which gives it better control when shooting rapidly at close ranges or engaging multiple targets quickly. Furthermore, it also features an integrated optics plate system which allows users to mount reflex sights directly on their slides without having to buy additional parts or accessories.

Both pistols are great options for shooters who want reliable performance and excellent ergonomics but have different needs depending on their environment or situation – whether they’re looking for something lightweight and easy to conceal or something with increased firepower and capabilities.

Features And Specifications

The Sig p365x and p365xl both offer plenty of features and specifications. They are similar in many regards but there are some key differences to consider.

Sig Sauer designed the p365x with a 3.1-inch barrel and an overall length of 5.8 inches, making it easier to conceal than the p365xl’s 3.7-inch barrel and overall length of 6.6 inches. Both models feature a polymer frame, while the larger model has an extended beavertail for increased comfort when shooting.

Both pistols come with XRAY3 Day/Night sights and have a capacity of 10+1 rounds of 9mm ammo, plus they have reversible magazine release buttons that allow you to use either hand. The difference between them is the extended capacity magazines that come with the p365xl, with 12+1 and 15+1 options available, compared to just 10+1 for the smaller model.

The p365xl also offers an optional manual safety lever as well as an optics-ready slide plate compatible with Shield RMSc optic sights – features not available on the standard x model. This makes it ideal for anyone looking for more customization options and higher capacity magazines for target practice or home defense scenarios.

Capacity And Magazine Options

The Sig P365x and P365xl are two pistols that have similar features, but with some notable differences. Capacity and magazine options are one such difference worth looking into. The P365x has a 10-round capacity, and comes with two magazines of this size. It also has an optional 12-round extended magazine, for those who prefer a higher ammo count in their gun.

The P365xl, on the other hand, has a standard 12-round capacity – no need to purchase an extended magazine if you want more rounds at your disposal. It comes with one 12-round magazine, plus one 15-round extended magazine. So the XL offers more ammo overall than the X does out of the box.

Both guns have aftermarket options available when it comes to larger capacity magazines – up to 17 round mags for the X and 24 rounders for the XL – so there’s plenty of firepower potential either way. Now let’s take a look at how they compare in terms of concealability and concealment holsters…

Concealability And Concealment Holsters

The two Sig Sauer P365 pistols are similar in many ways, but there’s one big difference that affects concealability. The P365XL has a longer barrel and slide, making it easier to shoot accurately, but harder to conceal. The P365 is more compact, making it easier and more comfortable to carry concealed.

When it comes to holsters, this difference is even more pronounced. There are several holster options designed specifically for the XL model and they don’t fit the regular P365. If you have an XL and you want to carry concealed, you’ll need to buy a holster that fits its specific dimensions. On the other hand, almost any holster made for a smaller handgun will work with the regular P365.

The design of the two pistols also affects how well they can be concealed on your person or inside a bag or purse. The shorter profile of the standard P365 makes it better suited for carrying in close-fitting clothing like shorts or t-shirts without printing too much. The larger size of the XL model makes it better suited for deep-concealment inside larger garments like jackets or hoodies where printing won’t be an issue.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing between these two pistols; each person’s needs and preferences should be taken into consideration when deciding which one is right for them. For those who prioritize concealability, the standard P365 is likely their best option…

Recoil And Trigger Pull Differences

The comfort of shooting, the recoil and trigger pull, are a few crucial elements to consider when selecting a firearm. These two Sig Sauer pistols – the P365X and the P365XL – have their own unique differences in this regard. Let’s take a look at how they compare.

When it comes to recoil and trigger pull, both models are quite similar. They both feature a smooth trigger press with an average pull weight of 5 lbs, which is comfortable for most shooters. The main difference between the two is that the P365XL has slightly less felt recoil thanks to its longer slide and barrel length. This makes it a bit easier to handle and control for some people, especially those with smaller hands or who are new to firearms.

The P365X also features a polymer frame that helps reduce felt recoil even further, making it an excellent choice for shooters who may be sensitive to kickback or want more precision in their shots. Additionally, both models offer several aftermarket upgrades that can help make the trigger smoother or add other features like adjustable sights or extended magazine releases.

All in all, both pistols offer great performance when it comes to recoil and trigger pull, giving users plenty of options when choosing which model is right for them. So no matter which one you decide on, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting top-notch performance each time you pull the trigger.

Accuracy, Reliability And Price

The showdown between the Sig P365x and P365xl is one for the ages. Two pistols so alike yet so different, with accuracy, reliability and price being the decisive factors. But it’s not like shooting two guns out of a cannon – it’s more like shooting two pea shooters at each other with a magnifying glass! Here’s a breakdown of how these two pistols differ in terms of accuracy, reliability and price:

  1. Accuracy: The P365xl offers superior accuracy due to its longer barrel length and increased sight radius.
  2. Reliability: Both guns are reliable but the P365xl has an enhanced recoil system that reduces felt recoil, making it easier to shoot accurately.
  3. Price: The Sig P365x is cheaper than the P365xl by about $100-$200 depending on the retailer.
  4. Availability: The Sig P365x is more widely available than the Sig P365xl due to its lower price point and greater production numbers.

Though both guns have their pros and cons when it comes to accuracy, reliability and price, they still stand as great options for concealed carry or home defense. All that’s left now is to compare their sights, optics and accessories – but who will come out on top? Stay tuned to find out!

Comparison Of Sights, Optics, And Accessories

Which pistol offers more sights, optics, and accessories? The P365X and the P365XL are similar in many ways, but they differ in the types of sights and accessories they offer.

How do you decide which one has the best features for your needs? Let’s compare what each option has to offer.

The P365XL is a great choice if you’re looking for additional optics. It comes with three different mounting plates for micro-red dots, allowing you to quickly switch between red dot sights as needed. Additionally, it offers two interchangeable backstraps for improved grip and stability when shooting.

On the other hand, the P365X offers fewer options when it comes to sights and accessories. It doesn’t come with any mounting plates or interchangeable backstraps like its larger counterpart. Instead, it includes standard iron sights that can be easily adjusted on their own without needing any additional tools.

It really depends on what type of sight and accessory options you’re looking for when choosing between these two pistols. Both have their pros and cons – let’s move on to a comparison of those now.

Pros And Cons Of Each Pistol

The p365x and p365xl are two pistols that share a lot of similarities, but also have some notable differences. Summing up the pros and cons of each can help you decide which is the right choice for you.

To start, let’s look at the positives. The p365x has an impressive capacity of 10+1 rounds in its magazine, making it a great choice for shooters looking for an EDC-friendly option. It also has a slim profile and low recoil, making it easy to shoot accurately and quickly. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight, coming in at only 17 ounces unloaded.

On the other hand, the p365xl offers some clear advantages over its smaller sibling. Its larger frame allows it to hold 12+1 rounds in its magazine – perfect for those who want more ammo on tap when they need it most. Additionally, its longer barrel gives it slightly better accuracy than the p365x at longer distances, making it a great choice for target shooting or self-defense scenarios where distance matters.

Both pistols offer reliable performance and good ergonomics – but depending on your needs, one may be better suited to you than the other. Before making your final decision between these two options, consider all their features carefully and make sure you choose the one that best fits your needs, preferences and budget.

Final Verdict On The Sig P365x Vs P365xl

The Sig p365x and p365xl are two powerful firearms with their own unique pros and cons. It can be difficult to decide which is the best option for you. To help make this decision easier, let’s explore the differences between these two pistols and give a final verdict on which one is right for you.

As an avid shooter, I’ve owned both of these pistols and have appreciated the nuances that set them apart. The Sig p365x is smaller in size, making it easy to carry in just about any pocket or holster. The p365xl offers more features such as a longer barrel and greater capacity, but it comes at a cost of bulkiness.

Ultimately, choosing between these two pistols depends on what kind of shooter you are. If you’re looking for a small gun that won’t weigh down your pocket, then the Sig p365x is definitely the way to go. On the other hand, if you want extra features like an extended barrel and higher capacity magazine then the Sig p365xl may be worth considering. In either case, either pistol will make an excellent addition to your arsenal.

So when it comes time to choose between the Sig p365x or p365xl, consider your own needs as a shooter first and foremost. Both offer great performance at an affordable price so there really isn’t a wrong choice here; just pick whichever best fits your shooting style and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do The Sig P365x And P365xl Weigh?

It’s a funny thing, this difference between the Sig P365X and P365XL. On the surface, they look almost identical, but underneath…well, that’s where all the fun is.

Weight is one of the few distinguishing features between the two models. The Sig P365X weighs in at 17.8 ounces, while its big brother, the P365XL clocks in at 20.7 ounces. That extra 2.9 ounces doesn’t sound like much—until you’re carrying your pistol around all day long and that weight starts to add up!

But there are more differences than just weight alone. The XL model has a longer grip and slide length—and an extended beavertail for improved stability and recoil management when shooting. So if you’re looking for better accuracy and control on the range or out in the field, then it may be worth it to invest in the larger model.

The choice is yours: go small and light with the P365X? Or bigger and heavier with the P365XL? It depends on what kind of shooting you plan on doing and how comfortable you feel with either size pistol.

Does The P365xl Have A Manual Safety?

“The difference between two seemingly similar things can be vast” – this adage perfectly encapsulates the comparison of the Sig P365X and P365XL. The two pistols are indeed quite similar, but they have some distinct differences. One such difference is the presence of a manual safety on the P365XL.

The P365XL does come with a manual thumb safety that can be engaged to prevent accidental discharge. This feature adds an extra layer of protection when carrying or storing the pistol, as it ensures that even if dropped or mishandled, the gun won’t fire. The P365X, however, does not have this feature and relies solely on its Striker Safety System for protection against accidental discharges.

The absence of a manual safety on the P365X means that it must be holstered securely at all times to ensure it cannot fire accidentally. It also requires more practice to become adept and quick at drawing from its holster safely. All in all, whether to opt for a pistol with a manual safety or not depends entirely on personal preference and comfort level with firearms.

Are There Any Differences In The Shooting Performance Of The Two Pistols?

The P365X and P365XL are two very similar pistols, so you might be wondering if there’s any difference in their shooting performance? Well let me tell ya, it ain’t no walk in the park to figure out! It’s a real tough nut to crack – but don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Both of these pistols feature the same 12-round magazine capacity and 3.1 inch barrel length. However, the P365XL has an extended grip compared to its predecessor. This could have a significant impact on how well you can hold the gun while shooting. The extra grip could also mean that you can get more control over the recoil of larger calibers like .45 ACP or 10mm Auto.

What’s more, the P365XL also has an improved trigger system that allows for a smoother pull and less take-up than the P365X. This means you’ll be able to shoot faster and with greater accuracy – as long as you’ve got your aim steady! So if speed is your thing, then this is definitely something to consider when choosing between these two guns. All in all, both pistols have their own pros and cons when it comes to shooting performance; which one is better for you will depend entirely on your preferences and needs.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a reliable firearm with fast follow up shots and good ergonomics, then either one could be just what ya need!

Is It Possible To Upgrade The Trigger On Either Pistol?

The P365X and the P365XL are two pistols that have some differences, but is it possible to upgrade the trigger on either of them? This is a question many shooters have asked.

When comparing the two pistols, there’s no denying they have their similarities. Both guns offer an XRay3 Day/Night Sights, a 3.1″ barrel, and a 10+1 capacity. But when it comes to upgrading the trigger, things get tricky.

Upgrading the trigger on either model isn’t easy – it takes a lot of skill and knowledge. It’s important to remember that any modifications or upgrades can only be performed by professional gunsmiths or certified armorers. Taking matters into your own hands could result in serious injury or damage to your gun. So if you’re looking to upgrade your trigger, you’ll want to make sure you entrust it with someone who knows what they’re doing.

It’s possible to upgrade either pistol’s trigger – but only if done correctly by a skilled gunsmith or certified armorer for safety reasons. Make sure you do your research before taking this route as it can be dangerous without proper training and expertise.

What Are The Recommended Cleaning Methods For Each Pistol?

Cleaning our guns is a must. But what’s the right way to clean our Sig P365X and P365XL pistols? Surprisingly, there are some differences between them! Let’s take a look.

First off, the Sig P365X was designed for ease of cleaning. With its simple design and few components, it’s a breeze to get into all the nooks and crannies. Just use some good quality gun oil and a soft cloth or brush to clean away any debris or dirt. Ah, that’s the life!

Now, the P365XL requires a bit more care when it comes to cleaning. Sure, it has more components than the P365X but don’t let that scare you away! It’s still easy enough to take apart and clean. As with any pistol, you’ll need to use gun oil and a soft cloth or brush – just be sure to pay extra attention when applying oil around the slide and frame rails as they can easily accumulate dirt over time.

So there you have it folks: if you want an easy clean-up job go with the P365X; if you’re looking for something with more components that needs more care then choose the P365XL. Cleaning your guns regularly will help keep them in good condition for years to come – so don’t skimp on those cleaning supplies!


The SIG P365X and the P365XL are two fantastic pistols that offer a lot of features, but there are some important differences between them. The P365X weighs 17.8 ounces, while the P365XL weighs 20.7 ounces, making it slightly heavier. The P365XL has a manual safety for added security, while the P365X does not. Both pistols offer great shooting performance and can potentially be upgraded with an aftermarket trigger if desired.

It’s important to note that the recommended cleaning methods for each pistol may vary slightly due to their different designs, so make sure to follow the instructions provided by SIG for best practices when it comes to maintenance.

Some have argued that these differences don’t really matter when it comes to enjoying either pistol, but I believe having knowledge of what sets them apart is essential in helping you make an informed decision on which one is right for you. In the end, both pistols will provide you with reliable performance and great accuracy no matter which one you choose!

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